Promise Education Network (PEN) provides admission services to Bangladeshi students who want to pursue their higher education in abroad. This is the only service we provide and we do it really good. Promise Education Network (PEN) has many years of experience in providing admission to students in foreign universities. We have built a national reputation for excellence in providing outstanding student services for our student customers and making paying for university both easy and affordable. Promise Education Network (PEN) assists students to get admission at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional university. Our products, services, and benefits are tailored to meet our wide variety of students needs.

Promise Education Network (PEN) have simple motto that success comes through quality service. Our organization has single minded focus to assist students to the best possible institutions with their desired courses, thus enabling them to build their future. The Promise Education Network (PEN) team strives relentlessly in identifying the most suitable university for each student.

1. Career Counseling & University Selection

Promise Education Network (PEN) is the best education consultancy firm in Bangladesh. Sometimes a student is not sure about what their true strengths are. They do not know what career pathways their aptitudes might support. There are also other factors that might impact their career choices. Generally at a young age, the student find it difficult what course, which country is best for them. Applying for higher education abroad is a huge decision, both financially & emotionally. It is mandatory to invest adequate time & effort in order to make the right decision. Our trained & experienced team of counselors help students to identify their goals & ensure that they understand fully well the goals & aspirations and accordingly suggest a college & course that perfectly fit in to their career goals.

2. Admission Assistance

Promise Education Network (PEN) is the best overseas education consultancy firm in Bangladesh. Each student who comes to us with a dream of studying abroad, our team gives them equal time and attention. We ensure that the process of admission is as hassle free for the student as possible. We give special attention to each student’s application, highlighting the areas which quantify their strengths that will increase their chances to get admit in a foreign university. Also, we ensure a thorough and error free application for the students. We help the student with their SOP- Statement of purpose and LOR- Letter of Recommendations. “Promise Team” follows up with chosen universities and ensures positive and quick responses.

3. Overseas Scholarship Assistance

Promise Education Network (PEN) best education consultants in Bangladesh. It’s not nearly as expensive to travel the world as you may think at least not if you are student. We at Promise Education Network (PEN) understand that most students have issues arranging funds for their education, So they shatter their dreams due to inadequate financial resources in hand. However what most students don’t know is that they can actually apply their on-campus financial aid package to their study abroad in addition to scholarships. Our team of experts helps students to obtain scholarships and grants, so that their overseas educational objectives take off without any obstacle.

4. Visa Assistance

Promise Education Network (PEN) is the best overseas education consultants in Bangladesh. Once the students, have figured out the ‘what and where ‘ of studying abroad, their next step is to find out the visa requirements. We assist students in visa process like, filling up applications, making the parents understand the financial outlay and assisting in education loans and also assist students for mock interviews for the visa interviews.

5. House / Accommodation:

Promise Education Network (PEN) is the best education agency in Bangladesh. A question that most parents wish to be answered!. We provide detailed information to the students with respect to their university accommodation booking and payment; in turn ensuring the students safety