We are a foreign education consultancy firm  based on Dhaka capital of Bangladesh. We provide a quality services that make sure all necessary requirements are met with, So that student have a hassle free journey as well as study experience at the country of your choice. Supported by a dedicated team that is our main strength. Which ensures smooth operations while handling of many clients every day. When you come to us, our relationship is not just of a service provider and clients, but mutually benefiting partners. We strongly believe in building a life-long relationship that ensures peace of mind for you. Every aspect of your moving abroad is taken care of by us. We strive to help you at every step of the way, from showing you the right path to fulfill your foreign educational dreams, to ensuring a smooth and safe arrival to your accommodation at the destination. Financially, we are the best Educational  Consultancy Firm in Bangladesh.

Why We Are Better?

PROMISE is one of the leading overseas educational consultancy companies in Bangladesh. The primary objective of our firm is to provide an authorized liaison between universities and students.

We work with the Universities to recruit talented individuals in Bangladesh and guide the students in every step of the admission process. PROMISE has sent so many students to study abroad.


PROMISE provide  Career Counseling, Country Selection, Course selection, University selection, SOP Guide, Recommendation letter preparation, Admission guidance, Scholarship guidance, Bank Solvency, Visa assistance, VISA interview preparation, Pre-Departure Briefing and Accommodation service. 

Our professional counselor is highly reliable for A to Z quality service. Once a student comes to us we carefully select right course; right country & right University for the student and guide them throughout the end of the departure.

We always advise students to prepare early application, our recommendation to apply 6 months earlier application for scholarship.  We always strive hard to make sure that students get the maximum scholarship. We keep a track of various scholarship and bursaries offered by the universities and institutes and seek to benefit the deserving students to the fullest extent. There are a variety of scholarships that are available.

Over 13 years of experience in serving student has provided us with the expertise to prepare the perfect visa application for you. Backed by the latest information on visa processing ensures that your application adheres to the latest rules and requirements. This expertise has ensured a low refusal rate for our student.

Getting a visa is a long arduous task. Not only are the applications thoroughly examined but certain types of visas require a personal interview with the country’s representatives at their embassy. Once again we stick by our promise to back you up at every moment and provide you with the necessary training and tips that will give you the confidence to ensure a successful interview and achieving VISA

We brief the students on a number of issues such as the culture and customs followed in the new country. The cultural differences might create friction with the locals; hence they are informed regarding the appropriate behavior and decorum to be maintained there. We advise them in protocols to be followed in case of medical or other emergencies. They are also briefed on location of basic utilities, book stores and safe entertainment avenues around the campus.